Robotics Wins at Ring in the Year

This weekend, both of Katy HS’s very own robotics teams competed in the “Ring in the Year” VEX robotics tournament. Both teams placed in the top 8 of qualification rounds (JV-5th, V-7th), and were alliance selectors. Both teams dominated in the Quarterfinals. In the semi-finals, the teams were alliance against each other, so only one team could advance to finals. Varsity overcame JV. Varsity competed in the final round and the alliance (CCISD) had great competition, but luckily we came out on top. This was the first victory in KHS history for the teams.


Harraz Hizam

CJ Skoby

Kevin Le

Krish Parikh


Dhron Patel

Ethan Aguilar

Dariel Romero

Johan Kornet